Work History (a.k.a. "About me")

1994 to present:  Owning and operating Northwest Registration Services.  Providing registration management for conference and events ranging in size from small monthly meetings (±75 attendees) to large multi-day events of several thousand attendees, held at a variety of locations around the world. 

(For how I got started doing this somewhat unusual work, please see the Northwest Registration Services home page)

Clients have included Washington State Dental Association (the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference), Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, Harvard Business School Publishing, Fivash Media Group (former publisher of Washington CEO Magazine), Asian National Small Business Association, AspenTech, IEEE, Meeting Management Associates, Meetinguides, Weyerhaeuser, INFORMS, World Aquaculture Society, Wireless World  Research Forum, 3M, Michael P. Wasserman, Inc., Microsoft and various independent event planners. 

Prior to 1994: 3 years with Peopleware, Inc. (merged with another software company several years ago), providing technical support for their vertical market software which I use for my own registration management business;  10 years with CH2M HILL, starting out as a data entry operator and moving up to supervision of computing services section, including development of training classes and setup of help desk for computing department; 2 years with MANUS Computing Services providing account management for several companies (using my background in both the computer industry and in bookkeeping).

Prior to move to Seattle in 1979: Twin State Electric, data entry & working with private programming company to switch computing from IBM keypunch to custom programmed system. Dartmouth Hitchcock Psychiatric Center, data entry in accounting department; I became interested in programming while at Twin State Electric and audited several computer programming classes at the Kiewit Computer Center at Dartmouth College while I was working at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Psychiatric Center.

During this time I also made porcelain and beaded jewelry and for a time, had quite a successful wedding photograhy business going as well!  However, after a while, working full-time at CH2M HILL and photographing weddings on the weekends took its toll.  I stopped doing the wedding photography in an (some would add "unsuccessful") attempt to keep my sanity!

It seems I've always been somewhat of an entrepreneur.  I once had someone I worked with tell me that my "problem" was that I liked charge into a difficult situation, get the job done, then get out and go on to something else and that working "the daily grind" at a corporation was not my forté.  Since I have passed significantly more hours as my own boss than I have working for someone else,  I guess that person was right in some ways!  I love a challenge and I am like a terrier when I get my teeth into something -- I keep at it until it's done to my satisfaction.  And I'm a Virgo (i.e., "perfection" is my goal) -- need I say more?